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Happening Video [25 Mar 2010|02:09pm]
Bollywood Moment: this song will not leave my head. Preity Zinta never looking better isn't a bad thing either. Only person I know who makes dimples ded secksie. :-)
sorry I couldn't find one w/subtitles.

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Xmas 09 [14 Jan 2010|02:20pm]
Thanks to my in-laws, I had a good supply of gift cards for amazon and got myself some holiday swag:

Ultraviolet:The complete series. A great re-working of vampires in a near future london. No twilight emo-crap here.

New York Yankees 2009 World Series collector's edition. Yankees. #27 'nuff said.

Them Crooked Vultures- A 'Supergroup" of Dave Grohl on drums, Josh Homme guitar, and the legendary John Paul Jones on the low end. A very good jam record as jam records go. when it works they all slip into a tight groove, when it doesn't the songs sound like a collection of snippets and riffs, lacking a unifying theme.

David Sylvian Manafon- Calling this record rock only works since Sylvian, in the past has done some amazing art rock albums. here it is a stark brooding angular sonic landscape. With more lyrics about the bitter dissolution of his marriage to Ingrid Chavez . Best song is Small metal gods- a bitter pungent tale of his renunciation of buddhism seemingly for atheism. Caustic bitter and raw.

Heaven on Earth: Live at the Blue Note. A Jazz "supergroup" if you will featuring James Carter on Sax, John Madeski on B3 organ, Christian Mcbride on Bass, Joey Barron on drums and Adam rogers on Guitar. A funky mix of hard funk jazz and standards. When they are in the groove it is magical! best track Slam's Mishap.

Sachal Vassandani: We Move. An up and coming jazz singer who when singing backed by a traditional piano trio is great, less so when they are using more modern keyboards and guitars and reaching for an avant pop feel. Still a very good record.
favorite Track(s): Escape/there's a small hotel (piano)/heartbeat (new)

John Hollenbeck's Large Ensemble: Eternal Interlude. fascinating jazz/classical music for 20 or more players. manages to remain engaging and bombastic without burying you in a wall of sound

Billu Barber soundtrack. Lots of great bollywood hits from last years SRK vehicle about the extraordinaryness of being ordinary. fun lively and addictive. a hit with the boys at home.
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My Birthday Present (thanks Ron!) [19 Nov 2009|10:41am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Just to show you all that I'm not dead. Just haven't been here in a dog's year.

Here's the first 2 songs of my 42nd (ping) B-day present. Thanks again Ron it was a blast.

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Hand Surgery 101: A photo primer [03 Dec 2008|03:28pm]
Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated. lol Anyway, I've not posted here in a quite a while moslty due to my returning to my favorite collaborative fiction site.
Pan historia

About a month ago I had surgery done on my right hand to remove a ganglion cyst. I thought a photo-essay might be a fun thing to do.


This is my hand with the cyst visible on the lower right half.



Immediately after the surgery.


After the bandage was removed.


After the stitches were taken out.


About 2 weeks ago.
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Every Dog will have his day [03 Sep 2008|05:37pm]
On sunday I went over to Brad and Maggy's for a Labor Day BBQ. The company food and beer were all great. Around 7pm we adjourned inside for what was probably my 10th game of Settlers of Catan.

For the first time I won :-)

Anyone who knows me beyond the interweb knows that I have no head for strategy. I simply can't get my head around planning more than say 2 or 3 moves ahead. So in a game like Settllers, some form of strategy USUALLY is required.

In Sunday's game my strategy was simply to build up resources build settlements and cities and see where the chips fall. Late into the game I was 3 points away from the needed 12 for victory in our 6 person game.Which left me smakc dab in the middle of the pack. I had 15 resource cars which left me very vulnerable to the "robber" which would be active if a seven was roled, and would mean that for every card in my hand over 7 I would have to discard half.

follow me so far :-)

I avoided the robber, gained 4 more cards and got to work, I built a new settlement (1 point) and began building boats to gain the longest road card and win. I thought I would come up short and was tied with the current holder of the card until I remembered the development card that I had hidden away from the very first round of play nearly four hours before.

the Monopoly card allowed me to have all the players cards od one particular resource. In this case I asked for Wood and got more than enough to make the final boat and reach the 12 points needed for a thrilling out of nowhere win for the strategically impaired one.

I'm sure that the next we play, the earth will have returned to its normal axis and all will go on as it was.
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In Vino Veritas [27 Aug 2008|04:22pm]
Had a great if out of the ordinary weekend.

On Saturday Me and My Youngest Pete hung out with my dad and My Brother while My Mom and Charlene went to Janine's Baby Shower.

It was that the guys got to see Pete in all his glory. he much more comfortable aorund visitors now and much more talkative. He watched about 2 hours worth of train videos before I decided to be merciful to my dad :-)

That night after Charlene returned Arthur and I went back to NJ and consumed 5 bottles of win in 20 hours or so.

Amongst the various foods we had were some divine Porterhouse Steaks and Xochitl Habenero XXX hot salsa.

Believe me there is NO false advertising there. the Salsa was really flavorful and rich at first, and then 3 seconds later -deathly hot and nothing seems to cool it.

We both ate as much ice cream as we could find to no avail. It was as if the salsa malicously clung to our taste buds. After you cool off though all you want is to do it all over again.

Xochitl Salsa

Amongst the entertainement was a marvelous CD/DVD from a group called l'Arpeggiata. They specialize in baroque music played on authentic period instruments. For this recording they incorporated a flamenico guitarist to assist in their interpretation of a Santiago De Murcia piece that had been found in Mexico. Furthermore the music is eeriely similar to a traditional mexican song that had been passed down for generations.
Get a hold of this its absolutely fantastic.

Besotted by wine and song I stumbled off to the NJ Transit Bus and home, having had a wonderful weekend.
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Gotta get my hands on this [18 Aug 2008|11:09am]


looks like a contemporary crime novel but hell any new zelazny book will be well worth it!!

"Reading Zelazny is like dropping into a Mozart string quartet as played by Thelonious Monk."
— Greg Bear

the book isn't due out til February!!! grrr....
hopefully it will be well worth the wait...
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A Nostalgic weekend falls way flat [10 Aug 2008|08:10pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

On Saturday, I got to see, in the company of my brother and two good friends, Jethro Tull for the first time in nearly two decades.

Musically, it was a great concert- including a surprising version of Dharma for One and the first time for me Heavy Horses live.

the sad realization at the end of the show: Ian Anderson's voice is shot. Gone.

I assume that the years of compensating for the damage he did to his voice during the 84-85 tour,where he tried to sing through a serious vocal infection has finally taken its dread toll.

Nowhere more obvious was this than the painful version of Too Old to Rock n Roll Too Young to Die where he was pratically inaudible whilst straining to sing the lines.


And today I was to make my first solo sojurn to a concert since probably my second concert ever( motorhead in L'amour's bklyn 10/85) to Jones Beach -for the 2nd consecutive night- to see the masters of metal tour featuring Motorhead(last seen in'86) Heaven and Hell (Dio Sabbath lineup) and Judas Priest. the last two I have never seen live.

When I heard the forecast that called for strong storms with plenty of thunder and lightning, and me without a car riding public transport to an open air ampitheatre- a gigantic bullseye for lightning as far as I'm concerned- I took the safe route (again!) and stayed home. ( I got the ticket for $10)

As I type (7:44 pm) Motorhead should be on stage or Heaven and Hell Just starting, and apart from some rain in the afternoon, no sign of storms or thunder or lightning.

Fucking Hell!!!!!!

Satan farts in my face once more :-(

this one is gonna hurt for quite sometime.....

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More Tull!!! [04 Aug 2008|02:45pm]

Some great interviews and rehearsal footage form early 79 with concert footage from the heavy horses tour in 78...gotta love youtube...
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I’m not dead [04 Aug 2008|01:48pm]

Just busy with the little piddling things called life.
Go See Control. Control is Anton Corbijn's retelling of the tragic life of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis.
Corbijn has the time period down to perfection. Sam Riley as Curtis is eerily similar to the real thing and does all his own singing in the movie as all his actor/bandmates actually play their instruments.
Not only that they sound just like Joy Division.

A masterful retelling of a tortured talent who literally couldn't stand living.

and lastly since I will be seeing Jethro Tull saturday for the first time in nearly two decades, here is a rare pre-release live version of Dark Ages played during the Heavy Horses/ Bursting Out tour(despite what the poster on Youtube says):

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Bill Mauldin: A life Upfront [12 Jun 2008|03:56pm]
Todd Depastino's  Bill Mauldin: A life Upfront  is an excellent biography of cartoonists/author/ illustrator, best known for his war cartoons featuring the "dog face" GI's Willie and  Joe. Depastino's book  fleshes out Mauldin's life, his quick rise to fame ( his Up Front cartoons were done at the age of 21!) and subsequent fights  for respect and mastery for his art and embarking as a voice for the voiceless..

I frst ran into his Upfront cartoons at 8 or so, in my uncle Gustav's house on LI, and they always had a powerful effect on me.
here are a few of my favorites:

"Joe, yestiddy ya saved my life an' I swore I'd pay ya back. Here's my last pair of dry socks."

"I feel like a fugitive from th' law of averages."

this one had no caption and was Mauldin's all time favorite

V-E Day: "Th' hell with it. I ain't standin' up till he does!"

"Nein, nein — go ahead! I vould not think of interfering."

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Dickian View of Life [06 Jun 2008|02:41pm]

"You will be required to do wrong no matter where you go.  It is the basic condition of life, to be required to violate your own indentity. At some time, every creature which lives must do so. It is the ultimate shadow, the defeat of creation; this is the curse at work, the curse that feeds on all life. Everywhere in the universe."

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep  - Philip K. Dick

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Geddy Lee does good [06 Jun 2008|02:31pm]


Rush vocalist makes donation to Negro Leagues Museum


The Kansas City Star

&10;Geddy Lee will be at Starlight with Rush this weekend. &10;

Geddy Lee will be at Starlight with Rush this weekend.

Close to 200 baseballs, all autographed by former Negro Leagues baseball players or backers, have been donated to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum by a somewhat surprising fan ... Rush singer/bassist Geddy Lee.

It's among the largest single donations the museum has had, according to director of marketing Bob Kendrick. It also represents some history the museum didn't previously have.

"Some of these guys have been dead for some time, and we could not get these (signatures) before no matter what their significance was in the Negro Leagues," he said.

There are famous names like Cool Papa Bell, Hank Aaron and Lionel Hampton, a famous fan of the leagues. Then there are men like Fireball Bill Beverly and Piper Davis, who would go on to manage Willie Mays in his early days in the league.

"Many people credit him with teaching Mays to hit a curve ball," Kendrick said.

Lee, whose band performs Saturday at Starlight (see Page 39), dropped by the museum last year unannounced, Kendrick said.

"I wasn't here, but another employee walked him through the museum, and apparently he fell in love with the place," Kendrick said. "He already had a huge respect for the Negro Leagues, as the collection shows, and this brought it home to him."

Kendrick said the museum still needs to figure out how to display the baseballs, but just having Lee make the donation is a big plus for the museum.

"It opens us up to another audience that may not have thought about the Negro Leagues prior," he said. "And again it shows the wide range of folks who have been struck by this story."

The museum at 1616 E. 18th St. Visit www.nlbm.com or call 816-221-1920.

Here's a pic of ged and his Baseball Collection:


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Harlan on Studio 360 [04 Jun 2008|05:05pm]
Harlan Ellison was on Public Radio's Studio 360 this week
go to http://www.studio360.org to  listen to either the cleaned up 12 minute aired segment or even better the hour long warts n all interview. If you love Harlan like I do, warts n all is the way to go.
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Ranger Post Mortem: Ufa's [09 May 2008|05:41pm]

The Rangers will have approximately 19 Million in Cap Room if they don't resign Jagr, Shanny, Rozival and straka.

if they spend wisely the rangers could look like this

Lw                  C           Rw

Hossa          Gomez      Huselius

Avery         Dubinsky    Dawes

Prucha/Korpiskoski Drury  Callahan

Sjostrom      Betts         Mietennen (Holweg)

extra: Orr


Streit/ Liles/Redden   Stahl

Tyutin Girardi

Finger/Baranka  Sanguinetti

extra: strudwick


Hossa is the only bonafide sniper on the free agent market.

Huselius is relatively young (28) and just coming into his own (25-41-66)

he should not be prohibitively expensive

Avery should be resigned unless he wants 4 mil.

Dawes deserves 2nd line minutes

Dubinsky is demoted to 2nd line duties not for any mistake of his own but rather that Hossa and Huselius's potentials have a better change of being fulfilled with Gomez. It also won't hurt that Dubinsky's hitting will work well with Avery's grit.

Drury is third line center simply because at times last season this unit worked very well. If Prucha were to be traded , this would be a good spot to see if Lauri's goal in the playoffs was more than  rookie luck.

on the 4th line

I like sjostrom's and Betts' potential for two way play, adding Mietennen (if affordable) would give them greater potential for offense based on his stats from lasdt year (15-19-34) and speed. He may not want to come for 4th line minutes. He would also fit the 3rd line.

Alas Holweg is under contract with the blueshirts next year. I'd take a bag of pucks for him right now.

  have listed 3 ufa's that the rangers may want to target

Mark Streit

John-Michael Liles

and Wade Redden

Redden is the most veteran and is the only UFA I considered over 30 (31). He is a workhorse and  would be worth a short contract 2 years max maybe 3.

Streit is coming off a stellar break out season ( 13-49-62) He was making 300k so He may be the most affordable at around 3 mil.

Liles has the best stats over the past few years, although last year his stats fell greatly. This could have been an aberration or the start of a trend. He would demand a very high price.

I would pair whatever Offensive d with mark Staal. Although he's a rookie , he was  our most strong Defensive d man.

for the 3rd pair I say give the kid sanguinetti some minutes. He seems to  be a somewhat one sided player (weak d all o ) so third pairing would not tax him overly much. The Rangers must give him some pp time or why bother.

for his partner the blueshirts could call up Baranka who looked ok in short stints up with the big club this year, or if they'd rather not have two rookies together they could pick up Jeff Finger (28 ) who is a dependable d man who hits with regularity. when was the last time you could say that about the ranger d?


There is the bring Jagr back scenario.  Rumors are swirling that Jags wants to return- again iIsay if he'll  take 5 mil or less for a 1 yr deal 2 at the absolute most -fine. If he wants more adios.

if he comes back, in no uncertain terms should Jagr's cronies- Straka and Rosival be  resigned. they are done.

so the 1st line would then be

Hossa Dubinsky/gomez Jagr

If Jagr is history and Huselius or Hossa are unavailable the rangers could take shots at  either Michal Ryder or Nicolas Hagman.

Ryder is coming off a career low  in points on an otherwise lethal Montreal team. Hagman is a great up and coming player but it remains to be seen whether he has topped out  or will continue to rise.

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Excellent Alternate history/Military Novel [08 May 2008|10:40am]

I just  finished John Birmingham's Weapons of Choice  bk 1 of the Axis of Time trilogy. It is fantastic and loads of fun .

the basic premise: A Multi-national  Fleet of Navy ships f rom the year 2021 have been thrown back in time to just before the battle of midway 1942.

this is very similar, in general concept, to the movie

Final Countdown
where the USS nimitz in 1980 was thrown back in time to just before the Pearl harbor attacks.

What is so much better about this book is how the time travelers deal with being dumped back in time.In the movie they kvetch about whether or not to alter time by intercepting the Japanese fleet before they attack.
 In the book there is no chance for soul searching as the time travelers drop in to the middle of the us fleet storming towards midway. Immediate and devastating combat ensues between the two forces (for some 116 pages) before anyone can figure out what has happened.

The rest of the book is mostly about the cultural differences between 1942 and 2021 rather than focusing completely on tech, although he does deserve kudos for prodigous research into 1942 tech as well as the extrapolated future tech.

All of the characters, historical and not, are fully drawn and painfully human and thankfully not wooden, a problem that other alt histories have suffered from.
I can't wait 'til I get my hands on the next 2 volumes.
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Hunger Meme [15 Apr 2008|02:50pm]
Just had to do this one -lol

How many cannibals could your body feed?
Created by OnePlusYou
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Humor and Wit [11 Mar 2008|06:35pm]

"Humor is tolerant,tender...its ridicule caresses. Wit stabs, begs pardon- and turns the weapon in the wound."

Ambrose Bierce

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Tull Fantasy Set List [10 Mar 2008|02:54pm]

This Summer, I have the distinct pleasure of seeing two bands that were among the first bands I ever got seriously into:

Jethro Tull and Rush.

Rush I have seen regularly over the years, but for various and sundry misbegotten and forgotten reasons I haven't seen Tull since 89-90!!!

So in Lieu of Tull's 40 anniverasy tour and my seeing them for the first time in 20 years gack!!, I have come up with my fantasy tull set list.

first a few caveats:

I Love Tull's folky to early electronic era (roughly from Songs from the wood (1977) to Broadsword and The Beast (1982)), and therefore have loaded the set with songs from that time period. I also have not used a single song newer than 1982, not because those are awful, to the contrary some are quite good, but that the songs from tull's heyday, if you will, are just that much better.

I also made this setlist in the wish that Tull would do what rush has done in the last decade plus: play without an opening band and do a 3 hour  plus show.

Lastly this set list has less chance of acutally being true than a snowball's chance in hell.

here goes:

Dark Ages

A New Day Yesterday

Sweet Dream

Black Satin Dancer

Songs from the Wood

Hunting Girl

Dun Ringill

Acres Wild

Only Solitaire

Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day

Flying Colours

Heavy Horses


Thick as a Brick (edit)

Minstrel in the Gallery

Jack in the Green

Falling on Hard Times

Flyingdale Flyer

Something's on the move

The Whistler


Cold wind to Valhalla


Black Sunday



Locomotive Breath





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Good Things for Gray Days [07 Mar 2008|02:02pm]

or more things to make existence worth living through...

Luc Sante's Kill All Your Darlings:Pieces 1990-2005

A fantastic  collection of his pieces in various publications, all with his hard boiled style of writing ala Low Life. The ones that strike me are his New York Pieces, but he also has excellent essays on Tintin,Bob Dylan, The Blues, Victor Hugo and Robert Mapplethorpe just to name a few.

As an extra bonus, the Strand now has a web page for archived appearances by authors at the store. One of the more recnt entries is Mr. Sante himself. He was in fact a one time employee of the store. Strand TV

The New York Rangers 1994 Stanley Cup DVD Collection.

A wonderful look back at hockey when tiny ticky tack calls were ignored (hell on ice muggings were ignored), great drama abounded and a city was captivated by Hockey as it never was before or since. My only peeve here is the Devils games' feeds are either ESPN or CBC. No MSG Feeds.

Wolfgang's Vault.

Wolfgang was a nickname of Concert Promoter Bill Graham and this site contains full concerts from his own collection as well as the entire acrchive from The King Biscuit Flower Hour. All Free to Listen to. Selected shows are available for purchase and download.Already I've lsitened to bands in their prime that either never heard or never saw live such as the Peter Gabriel Genesis form 1975, David Bowie from the station to station tour as well as Jethro Tull from the ecclectic Under Wraps tour in 1984 as well as Yes on the last tour before Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman left in 1979. Wolfgang's Vault

"I wasn't born in New York, and I may never live there again, and just thinking about it makes me melancholy, but I was forever changed by it, and my imagination is manacled to it, and I wear its mark the way you wear a scar. Whatever happens, whether I like it or not, New York City is fated to always remain my home."

Luc Sante My Lost City. pg 32.

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